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Media Staffing Network has been guiding companies in hiring top talent since 1993. Take advantage of our expertise in attracting the right candidates, landing your dream employees and helping you cut through the clutter with these two packages.  

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Meet with a live media recruiter to aid in creating a winning job profile to gain attention.

Also receive 1 detailed job description


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A professional media recruiter will review resumes, pre-qualify top matching prospects and narrow down your list, saving you hours of time.

3 hours of research included with additional hours as needed

Turn-key Programs

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About Media Staffing Network

Founded in 1993, Media Staffing Network (MSN) was the 1st totally "media focused" staffing company to work for the industry.

MSN has been highly visible within the industry by supplying speakers and programming for both industry associations and media companies. MSN has also been featured in numerous publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Radio Ink, Media Financial Management, Young Money, TV Newscheck, and Editor & Publisher Magazine.

MSN has Expertise with all levels of jobs, in all market sizes across all media platforms and has created programs including What is a Spot, Dream Job Bootcamp, Women Re-entering the Workplace and the Local Sales Recruitment Online Learning Center.